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Clonie Loses Showdown Against Full Tilt Poker

February 21, 2010 by admin  
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The lovely Clonie Gowen

The lovely Clonie Gowen

Poker Babe Clonie Loses $40,000,000 Pot

The river card has come and poker babe Clonie Gowen has lost her long battle against Full Tilt Poker. With this decision, Gowen’s bid for a 1% stake of Full Tilt Poker appears to be over.

Since November 2008, Gowen has been locked in a court feud with Full Tilt Poker after claiming she was once promised 1% of the company in exchange for representing them. Full Tilt big shot Howard Lederer and other FTP representatives claim the company is worth over $4 billion and that would refute her claims. In essence, this would mean that Did Full Tilt verbally offer her the 1% not knowing the company would eventually be valued so high?  You decide for yourself.  Of course, Howard Lederer is a man of integrity as we all know now that the Full Tilt scandal has been uncovered!

Still, Gowen continued on with her lawsuit against Tiltware LLC which also included Full Tilt Poker, Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman, and Erick Lindgren, all FTP endorsed poker pros, among the list of defendants. Gowen claimed that every member of Team Full Tilt was given distribution checks except for her.  However, Lederer allegedly offered Clonie a cool quarter million for representing Full Tilt Poker. She refused this payment and began working towards launching her lawsuit in the hopes of landing a $40,000,000 payday.

There is one guarantee that will come from all this mess.  Next time, be assured Clonie will get it in writing.

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