Poker Babes

About Poker Babes

Our website Poker Babes is a tribute site dedicated to the sexiest and coolest poker hotties around. This group of smoking hot ladies knows how to play poker.  Many are world class players, so you have the total package here guys. Smart sexy girls.  A guy’s worse nightmare!

Too bad we’re not in the matchmaking business, so you have to find out about their marital status yourself guys. If you are a nerd sitting in your mom’s basement and playing online micro poker 14 hours a day, you got better odds at some porn site, buddy.  :)

If you really have a desire to meet these girls you could probably dress up as a tranny and play the WSOP ladies event, but that’s not popular so you would have to use some kick ass flirting skills.  Also you have to play excellent poker because these ladies for sure know how to play!  Vanessa Rousso, Anette Obrestad, Jennifer Harman, Vanessa Selbst and Mimi Tran would probably have 99% of the poker population for lunch and burp them out faster than you can say royal flush!

We’re glad you found this site.  Now, go enjoy the Poker Babes!

Poker Babes is part of the PMG Network.