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Clonie Tasers Poker Pro Brandon Cantu

November 24, 2009 by admin  
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Clonie at the poker table

Clonie at the poker table

Clonie Has Fun in Charity Poker Tournament

Hellmuth described how poker pro Brandon Cantu was knocked out of the charity rebuy tournament and was preparing to leave when Clonie Gowen stepped up to the mic and said:

“I will rebuy you Brandon, but then we have to have a last longer bet where the loser gets tasered by the winner!” Cantu reluctantly agreed to the bet.

The prop went down to the wire, with Cantu holding the chip lead at the last two tables after holding AA in a three-way all-in. Fortunately for Clonie, he doubled her up before being eliminated.

“Finally, Cantu went broke on the bubble, and Clonie will tase him at the Bellagio, and we will invite poker players to watch it, and play the video on,, and!”

Nice going Clonie!
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